Metropolitan Baseball 

​Umpires Association

Summer/ Fall, non-public HS uniform

  • A powder blue, short sleeve umpire shirt bearing the the MBUA logo patch affixed on the left breast pocket may be worn in place of navy blue uniform shirt.  

  • All other uniform requirements apply to Summer/Fall and non-public high school games.

NOTE: BOTH umpires must be dressed in the same color shirt when working 2 man umpire assignments at all times. Navy/Navy or Powder blue/Powder blue. No mix and match.

The plate umpire may elect to wear a uniform shirt or the uniform jacket at his discretion. The base umpire may elect to wear the uniform jacket at his discretion depending on weather conditions.

The Metropolitan Baseball Umpire Association Uniform is as follows:

High School Season:

  • Navy blue, short sleeve umpire shirt with red, white and blue trim on collar and sleeves. The uniform shirt shall have the MBUA logo page sewn on to left breast pocket and the MPSSAA logo patch affixed to the right sleeve.
  • NOTE: Only the plate umpire may wear a long sleeve navy blue uniform shirt. The base umpire must wear the short sleeve uniform shirt or the black uniform jacket. 
  • Uniform pants shall be either charcoal or heather grey worn with black, garrison style belt. 2 man crews should do their best to match colors.
  • Jacket is black, long sleeves with white stripes on shoulders. No logo from any association on the jacket. 
  • Cap is Navy blue with MBUA logo embroidered on front. Cap available through TD Sports. This is the ONLY uniform cap authorized.
  • Shoes are black leather. Some white trim or brand logo may appear on shoes. 

Al Battista- Assigning Commissioner:



Thomas K. Kneeland- President



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